21 new ways to make your next flight more fun!

Every opportunity for adventure is inside. All you have to do is seize one. They stretch from a tiny, 7.5” span indoor flyer to the Convair Sea Dart — the only seaplane ever to break the sound barrier. Power options range from electric nano helis to glow- or electric-sport planes to gas-powered giants. And aircraft choices include all of the above, plus a .90 glow heli, the world’s first jet fighter, a delta-winged “bullet” and a rotary-wing fighter with gear-mounted cannon.

There are 18 aircraft choices in all, plus three new flying sites. You can fly the 3D Water Park/Obstacle Course by day or night or explore the Silverton Prairie or Jefferson Airstrip PhotoField™ sites.

And with the aircraft choices and flying sites included in Expansion Pack 6, you also get two incredible bonuses. The first is a free upgrade to G4.5 for G4 owners. The second is access to all 24 flying sites and all 70 aircraft choices originally included on RealFlight Add-Ons Volumes 1-5!

It’s the most value-packed Expansion Pack to date — and a natural companion to “The most realistic recreation of R/C flight ever™” — Great Planes RealFlight!

• AirfoilZ Extra 260 Hybrid
• Convair F2Y Sea Dart
• ElectriFly™ Matt Chapman Eagle 580
• ElectriFly Seawind® EP Seaplane
• ElectriFly Sequence™
• Great Planes® Escapade™
• Great Planes Reactor™ 3D
• Great Planes Zlin Akrobat
• Messerschmitt ME262
• Plantraco Butterfly Living Room Flyer
• Marston Pteroworks 52” Pterodactyl
• RiteWingRC Demon 40

Rotary Wings
• A-19 Buzzard
• Heli-Max Axe™ CX Micro
• Heli-Max Novus™ CP Nano
• RJX Hobby Xtreme 90
• Skyartec Wasp 200XE V4

Flying Fields
• PhotoField™ Jefferson Airstrip
• PhotoField Silverton Prairie
• 3D Water Park/Obstacle Course 7

• Steamatic Aerostat

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