No bells, no whistles...this is basic, affordable flight simulation

New RealFlight Basic gives modelers all of the essentials needed for an ultra- realistic R/C flight simulator experience. Along with an excellent variety of aircraft and flying sites to choose from, potential flyers will also enjoy the same flight physics that have made the full version of RealFlight the best selling sim for the past 11 years! RealFlight Basic features many aircraft and flying fields found in current versions of RealFlight G4.5 and Expansion Packs. The Basic controller is based on an actual transmitter those found on similarly priced flight. The fun, convenience and educational benefits of simulated R/C flying-for less!

RealFlight Basic includes 47 different aircraft ranging from gliders, sailplanes, foamies and 3D aerobats to electric and 3D helis.

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List Price:  159.99

Part Number:  GPMZ4220

Information courtesy of Hobbico Inc.