The Peak of Perfection

The difference between a great afternoon at the flying field and a disappointingly short one can often be the availability of charged batteries. This is why a reliable fast field charger that lets you accurately peak charge your receiver and transmitter packs simultaneously is one of the best investments in the hobby you can make. Hangar 9's Perfect Peak is just such a charger.

The Perfect Peak\'s sophisticated circuitry automatically switches from fast charge to trickle charge exactly when a peak charge is achieved. The Perfect Peak\'s internal "smart" programming can actually recognize a proper charge cycle and will ignore an abnormal one.

The Perfect Peak comes wired for 12V DC power supplies and is compatible with both Ni-Cd and NiMH, 4- to 8-cell battery packs. An optional AC adapter is also available that let\'s you use the Perfect Peak at home with a regular wall outlet.

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Part Number:  HAN9520

Information courtesy of Horizon Hobby Dist.