No need to have any other charger at the field!

Hobbico's Quick Field Charger MkII features two ports with completely independent circuitry. That means you can charge one pack at a time, or two at once. AND you can recharge transmitter or receiver NiCd or NiMH packs, single cell glow ignitors, even the lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries that power park flyers...on EITHER side. Plus, it's super-easy to use, and comes with lots of safety features. You've never seen a field charger as valuable and versatile as the Quick Field Charger MkII!

EACH port offers these benefits!
* Ability to handle 1-8 cell NiCd or NiMH and 1-3 cell Li-Ion or Li-Po park flyer batteries.
* 0.2A (200mA) to 2.0A of adjustable, linear charge current (1A max. for Li-Ion/Li-Po).
* 0, 50mA, 85mA and 100mA trickle charge current for NiCd and NiMH packs.
* Tri-color LEDs and sound cues for ease of set-up and operation.
* Built-in jacks for external battery voltage monitoring with a voltmeter.
* Simple push-button start-up.
* "Peak detection" charging for NiCd and NiMH packs.
* "Constant current/constant voltage" charging for Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries.
* Visual and audible error messages that indicate reverse polarity and poor output connections.
* Can be mounted on a field box, or used as a stand-alone unit with the included rear enclosure.

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Part Number:  HCAP0290

Information courtesy of Hobbico Inc.