Unique, all-in-one charger/discharger with built-in Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 cell balancing

Unique, all-in-one charger and discharger with built-in Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 cell balancer. Capable of charging and discharging Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Pb, Li-Ion, Li-Po and A123 cells. Perfect for those looking for a charger that will do everything they need from charging and cycling transmitter and receiver batteries, to charging micro flyer, park flyer and mid-sized aircraft model batteries.

Charges 1-14 cell Ni-Cd/Ni-MH, 1-6 cell Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 and 6-12V Pb batteries
Selectable (in 0.05A steps) charge rates from 0.25 up to 10.0 amps
Selectable discharge rates up to 2.0 amps
User selectable Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 charge voltage cutoffs (50% storage, 95% and 100%)
User selectable Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 discharge voltage cutoffs
Ability to charge more Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 cells at higher rates than any other charger in its class
Included adapter allows built-in balancer to be used with Thunder Power compatible balance connectors, as well as JST XH balance connectors found on many other brand batteries (Align, E-flite, Parkzone and more)
DC Power supply required

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Part Number:  THP610

Information courtesy of Horizon Hobby Dist.