An excellent 3D and IMAC performer as well as a great sport flyer.

The YAK 54 is known for its aerobatic agility. Great Planes is known for producing the most realistic-looking and flying  R/C models. Imagine the exciting results when Great Planes expertise is applied to creating a big, bold replica of this Unlimited Class competitor! Better yet, put yourself at the controls of this 25% YAK 54 and experience the thrills of performing precision maneuvers with ease and style!

The 25% YAK 54ís large dimensions make is easy to track in the air, while also recreating the exciting performance of the original full-size aerobatic plane; the distinctive trim scheme aids in orientation.

This YAK 54 is engineered to perform IMAC competition maneuvers with judge-pleasing precision and grace. Stable slow speed flight characteristics also make it a good choice for fliers moving up from smaller models like the .46-size U-Can-Do 3D.

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Part Number:  GPMA1411

Wingspan Lenght Wing Area Wing Loading
81 68 1138sq. in. 25 - 30oz/sq. ft.
2 Stroke 4 Stroke Gas Electric
1.60 - 1.80 1.80 - 2.20 32 - 43
Radio Servos Req'd Weight
6 Channel 6 High Torque
1 Standard
approx. 13 - 16 lbs.
*All specifications are in inches, unless otherwise specified

Information courtesy of Hobbico Inc.