Sig stretched it just a bit bigger (to an 80 inch wing span) for modelers wanting a fun flying, more versatile airplane. Its large wing with huge barn-door style ailerons is perfect for IMAA events.

With its remarkable light wing loading, you can transform the Senior into a flying platform for still or video cameras, lighting systems, parachute drops or glider tows without fear of overload.

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Part Number:  SIGRC58ARFB

Wingspan Lenght Wing Area Wing Loading
80 64.75 1180sq. in. oz/sq. ft.
2 Stroke 4 Stroke Gas Electric
.40 - .51 .56 - .72
Radio Servos Req'd Weight
4 Channel 5 Standard approx. 6 - 6.5 lbs.
*All specifications are in inches, unless otherwise specified

Information courtesy of Sig Manufacturing