The R/C trainer with a BIG difference.

Like all SIG KADETS, the LT-40 behaves perfectly in flight, with true “hands off” stability on all axis. If the student pilot gets disoriented, simply let go of the control sticks and the LT-40 will recover itself and return to level flight within seconds. Because the LT-40 is bigger than the average .40 size trainer, it has a much lighter wing loading, which lets it fly slower! Slower speed gives the student pilot more time to think and react to what the model is doing, thus making it easier to learn to fly R/C.

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Part Number:  SIGRC67

Wingspan Lenght Wing Area Wing Loading
70 900sq. in. 14 - 15oz/sq. ft.
2 Stroke 4 Stroke Gas Electric
.40 - .46 .40 - .56
Radio Servos Req'd Weight
4 Channel 4 Standard approx. 5 - 6 lbs.
*All specifications are in inches, unless otherwise specified

Information courtesy of Sig Manufacturing