It's large size, perfect moments, and light weight give it a purposeful smoothness not usually found in any airplane, let alone an Almost Ready to Fly model. With close attention to weight management and strength, the new SIG Extra 300XS offers such features as a fully airfoiled vertical fin and stabilizer and dual, electronically coupled elevator servos for precise pitch control. The rudder is driven with an equally precise pull-pull system and the ailerons are directly driven by independent servos in each panel.

Want to go extreme?! The SIG Extra 300XS comes with double beveled elevator and rudder hinge lines, allowing full 3-D surface movements on demand. The big SIG Extra tracks like a cat through every maneuver, with little or no pitch/roll coupling. With great ground handling and smooth flight characteristics, your take-offs and landings will never be better!

Covered with Ultracote with the painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants to match and an aluminum landing gear. This bird is an exceptional value

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Part Number:  SIGRC78ARF

Wingspan Lenght Wing Area Wing Loading
74 68 990sq. in. oz/sq. ft.
2 Stroke 4 Stroke Gas Electric
1.20 - 1.50 1.50 - 1.80
Radio Servos Req'd Weight
4 Channel 5 High Torque
1 Standard
approx. 12 - 13 lbs.
*All specifications are in inches, unless otherwise specified

Information courtesy of Sig Manufacturing