This beautiful new laser-cut flight box kit simply blows away the competition! That’s a big statement, but then the “FIELDBOSS” is unlike anything else available. Designed specifically for modelers who know the value of having everything they need at their fingertips, the “FIELDBOSS” offers the most useable space available in any commercial flight box on the market. Three generously-sized drawers, a huge top center workspace and four compartments, sized to accept either gel-cell or wet acid type batteries and either plastic bottles or metal fuel cans. There is ample remaining compartment space for starters, props and other equipment. The “FIELDBOSS” handles it all with looks, style and convenience.

SIG’s famous Laser-Generated Technology has been used to create a flight box that doesn’t just fit together nicely - it can literally be assembled in a couple of enjoyable hours, ready for the finish of your choice and years of reliable service. 100% American-made, the “FIELDBOSS” is all wood - not some wimpy veneer that won’t hold up or accept accessory mounting screws, but real 1/4” birch plywood!

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Part Number:   BX001

Information courtesy of Sig Manufacturing