DVT combines two vital field accessories into one

Experience modelers know that the only way to be sure if you have enough charge left is with an accurate digital voltmeter. In fact, most experienced modelers won’t go to the field without one. Another indispensable field accessory is a tachometer. Now Hangar 9 has consolidated these two field accessories into one convenient, compact unit.

Hangar 9’s new Digital Voltmeter and Tachometer (DVT™) combines a digital voltmeter with a built-in load for 4 and 5 cell receiver packs and a 9.6 volt transmitter pack with a tachometer that accurately reads in 10 rpm increments for 2-, 3-, or 4-bladed props.

The tachometer function reads up to 29,000 rpm in 10 rpm increments. Plus, the unit automatically turns itself off after two minutes, if not in use, saving the included 9V battery.

The voltmeter function features a switch that allows all brands of transmitters to be checked. The DVT places a 240mA load on 4 cell packs, a 300mA load on 5 cell packs, and a 400mA load on 9.6 volt transmitter packs. Plus, a low-battery indicator shows when the included 9V battery is low.

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Part Number:   HAN111

Information courtesy of Horizon Hobby Dist.