R/C Pilots Handbook

For most of us, flying is the most enjoyable part of R/C aeromodeling. Many top fliers advise that to speed the development of your flying skills, you should fly as many different types of R/C aircraft as you can, because the lessons you learn from each in some fashion apply to all. We would probably all agree that truly proficient R/C pilots have mastered a set of skills that, in some sense, is as diverse as the R/C aircraft they\'re likely to fly.

Once you have your hands on that new airplane, wouldn\'t it be helpful to have ready access to the insights and techniques of a top flier who is a master at flying that type of aircraft? Suppose you are interested in competing; wouldn\'t it be helpful to be advised by a pro who has taken home the gold? That was the inspiration for this book.

In this unique volume, we have assembled flying-technique articles by nearly three dozen of the leading R/C pilots of our time, and we include brief author biographies that include details of their most notable R/C accomplishments. We have tried to cover every major area of R/C flying and to answer any questions you might have. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sport-flying pro, this book should be a gold mine that will accelerate your progress whenever you take the next step in R/C aeromodeling.

Newcomers will benefit from the "Basic Techniques" section because it covers the fundamentals of flying. Instructional "how to\'s" in these chapters will help keep those precious aircraft in one piece! Novice to intermediate sport fliers will appreciate the information in the "Intermediate Flying Skills" chapters; read these, and you will quickly advance to the next flying level. If you really want to tear up the sky, the "aerobatics" section has what you\'re looking for. Performing precision aerobatics gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other flying skill. It also impresses the others at the flying field!

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