Fast Field Charger

The Double Vision Fast Field Charger is packed with smart features not found in any other chargers in its class. The Double Vision features two independent charge circuits: one for charging 9.6-volt transmitter packs and the other for charging 4.8-volt (4-cell) and 6-volt (5-cell) receiver packs. Both circuits fast charge at a constant 800mA and automatically trickle after a fast charge at 80mA.

Plus, the Double Vision allows you to independently or simultaneously charge transmitter, receiver packs and a glow igniter. Microprocessor circuitry insures an accurate peak cutoff every time. The Double Vision will even charge Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. (Many peak charges won\'t because of the soft voltage fallback associated with these cells.)

Other features include  voltmeter jacks that allow you to monitor the transmitter and receiver voltage, two bar graphs on the face of the charger (one for the transmitter and one for the receiver) display the percentage of charge throughout the charge cycle and the charge is reverse-polarity and fuse-protected.

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Part Number:  HAN114

Information courtesy of Horizon Hobby Dist.