America's best R/C trainer aircraft is now available in an Almost Ready to Fly version. This is no unproven, overweight, hard-to-fly airplane. The Kadet LT-40 is used by flying instructors because it is known as "the easiest to fly" trainer throughout the world.

The Kadet LT-40 is easy to assemble in only a few hours work. Flying it is a breeze. It's large size makes it easy to see and docile in flight. It behaves perfectly in flight with a "Hands Off" stability unmatched by other. Slow flight tendencies are sure and steady, making those all-important takes and landings nothing to fear. Start off right. Start off with a Kadet.

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Part Number:  SIGRC67ARF

Wingspan Lenght Wing Area Wing Loading
70 900sq. in. 14 - 15oz/sq. ft.
2 Stroke 4 Stroke Gas Electric
.40 - .46 .40 - .56
Radio Servos Req'd Weight
4 Channel 4 Standard approx. 5 - 6 lbs.
*All specifications are in inches, unless otherwise specified

Information courtesy of Sig Manufacturing