"easy-to-use" digital voltmeter with a "do-it-all" LCD readout.

Other voltmeters may have LCD technology, but none of them utilize it as effectively as the Hobbico Digital Voltmeter MkIII! With just a touch of your finger, all of the important information you need is clearly on the custom-designed readout -- including "OK" and "RECHARGE" status indicators when checking battery packs. Also displayed are input settings for either 4.8V, 6.0V or 9.6V packs and easy-to-read 1/2-inch high voltage measurements. The screen also alerts you to low internal battery power and negative polarity situations. It\'s all of the practical features you want, in a comfortable, uncluttered design.

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Part Number:   HCAP0356

Information courtesy of Hobbico Inc.