Other Services

RC Hobby Center provides additional services to make your life easier.

Custom Graphics

We can create custom vinyl graphics for your project. We can cut any Windows font (True Type) from 3/8 to 14 inches. So, if you want your AMA number or your wife/girlfriend’s name on your model, we can do it.

We also have scanning services available for cutting your images.

Please drop us an e-mail with your request and we will send you a free quote.

3D Printing

Need a specific item for your Train Layout, Diorama, or Gaming set? RC Hobby Center can help. By printing your file in either Resin or Filament. Our resin printing utilizes the Anycubic Proton Mono 6K and 12K printers. These printers allow us to make very high detailed prints for you. You can supply your own file or have us create one for you. If you supply the file, it must be in either STL or OBJ format.

Custom Battery Packs

We can manufacture custom battery packs to your specifications. Whether it’s NiCd, NiMh, LiPo, A123, Li-Ion. Any configuration, connector, or voltage. Please visit our sister site Radical RC for more information.

Other Services

RC Hobby Center can provide additional services to you. Please drop us an e-mail with your request, and we will get in touch and let you know if we can help.