Radical RC Das Mini Bipe


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Finally, a multi-wing model without ‘N’ struts or flying wires! Quick field assembly with quick snap on top and bottom wings. Special aileron transfer rods attach with magnetic snap as well. You will be prepped for flight before your buddies turn in their first wing bolt!

Build as a Lazy Sunday flier or a sport monster with a brushless system. Includes machine guns and spoke wheel covers for those wanting a custom stand-off WWI look. Easy to fly in space challenged areas like ball fields and local parks. Fast enough to keep up with the big boys at the local club field, and slow enough to land like an everyday trainer. Rugged design. Included landing gear means tall grass and runway touch-n-goes are a snap. Get your scarf and goggles on! The mission briefing is just a short build away!

Finished weight: 8-9.5 oz.
Wing span: 23″
Wing area: 243 in. sq.
Length: 18.5

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 1 in