E-Flite Extra 300 3D 1.3m BNF Basic


A scale replica of the world-renowned aircraft

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The E-flite® Extra 300 3D 1.3m model is a scale replica of the world-renowned aircraft with a 3–4S compatible power system and digital, metal-geared servos that make it possible to enjoy everything from sport flying to unlimited 3D aerobatic capabilities.

The E-flite® Extra 300 3D 1.3m model delivers unbelievable aerobatic and 3D capabilities while also being easy to fly when equipped with exclusive AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies (BNF® Basic version only).

The Extra 300 3D 1.3m scale model offers nearly unlimited aerobatic and 3D performance potential?even beyond that of the full-scale design. Its fully-molded EPO airframe is composite reinforced for an outstanding blend of rigidity and durability while also being as lightweight as possible.


Wingspan: 51.5 (1308mm)

Overall Length: 49.6 (1260mm)

Wing Area: 572 sq in (36.9 sq dm)

Flying Weight: 53.3 – 59.8 oz (1510-1696 g)


Full-range, 5 Channel DSMX?/DSM2? transmitter

2200?3200mAh 3S or 4S 11.1?14.8V LiPo with EC3 or IC3 Connector

Compatible LiPo charger

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 17 × 9 in
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