Radical RC Ultra-High Power 4500mAh 2S 7.2V 10C Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


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The launch of a new generation 21700 power cell, features 7% higher capacity however 22% lower DCR compared to P42A. Its consistent 45A discharging performance has now enhanced hugely with superior fast charge capability up to 3C charging rate.

The battery is shipped without connector. If you would like us to solder a connector or see what options are available, click HERE

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  • Cell Voltage: Nominal: 3.6 V; Charge: 4.2 V; Discharge: 2.5 V
  • Typical Capacity: 4.5Ah (16.2Wh) / 4500 mAh
  • Charge Current: Recommended: 4.5 A (1C); Maximum: 13.5 A (3C)
  • Discharge Current: Continuous (MAX): 45 A
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 43.2mm X Length: 70.15mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • Power Output: 184W (10s, SOC 90%); 168W (10s, SOC 50%)
    Energy Density: 643 Wh/l; 242 Wh/kg

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions .87 × .69 × 2.75 in